AccelerātUM’s strategy professionals are continually answering the “What?” and the “How?” questions on the CEO’s agenda to help deliver long-term value across our clients’ organizations.

AccelerātUM is a strategy consultancy committed to bringing unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with our clients’ intellect to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s business landscape.

AccelerātUM’s professionals recognize that CEOs and business leaders are tasked with achieving maximum value for their organizations’ stakeholders in this transformative age. We challenge assumptions to design and deliver strategies that help improve profitability and long-term value.


As experts in government procedures and relationships, AccelerātUM, guides clients through complex processes, while utilizing close ties and friendships. Our strong relationship bonds across every level of government are what makes working with AccelerātUM so effective. Access to critical decision-makers is essential to our client’s strategic success.


AccelerātUM provides a comprehensive and creative approach to problem-solving. Our team is proficient in all steps of policy development, including research, assessments, whitepapers, articles, legislative proposals, public testimony, coalition building, and policy implementation.

We provide focused advocacy and strategic communications with elected and non-elected officials to effectively influence public policy and the decision-making process. We have directly impacted productive changes in law, rulemaking, and regulations, as well as fiscal and budgetary decisions. We solve client issues by combining a deep understanding of processes, solid relationships, and strategic problem-solving.


Policy development and optimizing collaborative relationships are core competencies of AccelerātUM. We use an issues management processes that evaluate impacts on existing and potential stakeholders and identifies and advances clients’ issues while allowing for the mitigation of potential problems.


AccelerātUM can assist your company in navigating through the complex processes of going to market and developing use cases. Our trusted advisors will help identify the next steps to achieving your goals and securing your strategic success.

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