Moving Uncrewed Mobility Forward, Together

The Problem

Given the rapid expansion, adoption, and application of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS), Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM), and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) , the absence of an agile regulatory framework poses safety and security risks for all stakeholders in addition to the business risk for commercial end-users and industry. Though forums exist for discussion, a fully staffed, neutral, non-partisan body that can build consensus among stakeholders and recommend policy based on collaborative consensus does not exist.

Our Solution

We identify barriers to development and ambiguity in existing and future regulatory and operational infrastructure, then formulate policies, standards, and operating practices that our affiliates adopt and may offer to regulators for policy consideration.

Who We Are

AccelerātUM is an inclusive, privately funded collaborative that develops consensus solutions for the uncrewed mobility industry by bringing together commercial end-users, municipalities, emergency service providers, manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, user groups, and regulators.

Frequently Asked Questions

AccelerātUM is a collaborative organization that develops consensus solutions for the unmanned mobility industry. Our affiliates include representatives from commercial end-users, municipalities, emergency service providers, technology providers, researchers, regulators and manufacturers. AccelerātUM affiliates elect a Policy Board that determines the key priority areas of focus for the AccelerātUM team. Once consensus solutions are reached, AccelerātUM affiliates use this information to guide their own R&D and policy work.

AccelerātUM’s priorities are established by the affiliate membership based on their needs and those of the broader UAS industry in collaboration with known regulatory issues. AccelerātUM’s staff devises solutions (standards, policy recommendations, etc.) informed by these priorities and then presents them back to the membership for their adoption and proliferation or to regulators for consideration.

Business organizations including commercial end users, municipalities, emergency service providers, technology providers, researchers, regulators, manufacturers and trade associations that have an interest in the commercial development of unmanned mobility technology and use cases all have a place as affiliates of AccelerātUM.

Contact us to ensure our values and expectations are properly aligned. If they are, we can provide pricing information based on your specific organization.

AccelerātUM affiliates pay an annual fee based on organization type and size.

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